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Sasha Radojevic (LinkedIn profile) , "At Height" founder and CEO:

  • 1987 joined Academy Speleology Alpinistic Club in Belgrade University
  • 1988 became a president of the club. Has managed many projects and seminary. Personally he trained members for Industrial rope access.
  • 1989 He started a company for Industrial rope access and managed many works of different type: washing facade, lightening rods, rehabilitation of churches, bridges, grain elevator.
  • He participated in foundation of Federal speleologist of Yugoslavia 1996, he was a general secretary, and has organized a number of speleodiving projects.
  • He has 17 years long experience in work at hights and rope access. He is a speleologist and has worked in extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, high and low temperatures, darkness...)
  • He has experience in the organization, management and supervision of more than 300 workers, refurbishment and cleaning of multiple simultaneous locations.
  • In Serbia he was the owner of several businesses in the construction and maintenance of buildings, landscaping and forest farms and nurseries
  • He was the founder and general manager of the company for the protection and cultivation of forests, which was the largest company of its kind in Serbia. He has extensive experience in organizing field work simultaneously on multiple remote locations...
  • The founder of the ranch based green field investment with a goat farm, rabbits, worms, horses, the working dog...
Cancellation fee:

Our company has commitments with many clients, therefore only a limited number of appointments are available and there is often a waiting list for appointments. If you are unable to keep your appointment, we would be grateful if you notify us AT LEAST 24 hours in advance so we have the opportunity to offer the appointment time to our clients and limit the waiting time of others. A CHARGE of 30% of your total amount will be made to you if you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance of the appointment time.

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